Billboard Top 40 dance artist Dario has shared his unique music with the world for over a decade, with top-charting singles, a sold-out world tour, and over 40 magazine covers. He is known for his distinctive attitude, infectious personality, and pop-style vocals with a dance algorithm at the base of his music.

Dario, who is one out of six siblings, grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He was destined to be different and stand out. He started channeling that into his music and at a young age he began dominating the local stage.

Fueled by his passion to create music, Dario moved to Los Angeles in 2006. He started working with Arie Dixon (Tommy Boy Records) and a year later he released his second full-length album. He's since gone on to release four other albums that generated his loyal fan base.

He has toured the United States nine times, and in 2015 Dario headlined his first world tour covering 70 cities across Asia to connect with his international fans. Dario's album "Revolution" debuted at No. 1 digitally on Amazon the week it was released. Several of the tracks from that album, including "Save You," reached the top charts in the United States, including Billboard's Top 40 Dance Chart.

He is a staple in the LGBT community and regularly performs at Pride concerts across the nation. On his new album, Dario makes no apologies for who he is as he stands behind a powerful message with inspirational vocals.

The people who are closest to Dario talk about his CD collection that covers an entire wall in a room of his house—he constantly collects CD's to gain inspiration from artists in all genres and time periods, which results in his unique hybrid sound.

On February 24, 2017, Dario released "Point of No Return"—an album that symbolizes how far he's come, both personally and professionally. The album broke onto the Billboard charts the week of its release, landing at No. 3 on the Independent Albums Chart, and staying there for 3 weeks. The first single "Good Morning World" gained over 200k views in less than 2 weeks, and the follow-up single (the title track of the album) is already getting traction and slated to make the Billboard Dance Chart.