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August . 27 . 2019

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August . 21 . 2019

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July . 24 . 2019

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July . 11 . 2019

Don't Let Me Go is one of Hot Spot Magazine's Top Club Songs of the Summer!

July . 8 . 2019

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July . 2 . 2019

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July . 1 . 2019

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July . 1 . 2019

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July . 1 . 2019

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June . 25 . 2019

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June . 21 . 2019

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June . 11 . 2019

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June . 11 . 2019

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June . 7 . 2019

Ascension is now available everywhere music is sold!

June . 6 . 2019

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April . 13 . 2019

Shoulda Stayed Debuts at #44 on the Billboard Dance Chart!

April . 1 . 2019

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February . 21 . 2019

New website launched!

February . 15 . 2019

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June . 13 . 2019

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Dario wearing gold embroidered jacket, standing in front of golden glitter with hands up to face
Dario wearing black leather and maroon t-shirt, squatting on a white background
Dario standing in front of golden glitter, spreading his gold embroidered jacket with his hands
Dario in camouflage jacket, resting chin on hand
Dario holding in wrist in a silk jacket
Dario in a black leather fold-over top, sitting on top of a white piano
Dario in a red leather jacket, with popped collar
Dario in sunglasses and leather sleeved shirt, standing in the Alpha (album) stance
Dario in a red leather jacket, touching the back of his neck
Dario in a silver jacket with the sunset flaring behind him
Dario in a silver jacket, grabbing a chainlink fence
Dario pulling his silver jacket in close with both hands
Dario in a silver jacket at sunset looking whistfully to the side
Dario rocking spiked sunglasses and fingerless leather gloves
Dario in pop post-punk futuristic plastic jacket and purple highlights


Known for his pop-style vocals, distinctive attitude and infectious personality, Billboard Top 40 artist Dario has shared his unique music with the world for over a decade. A staple in the LGBTQ community, he performs regularly at Pride shows across the U.S., in addition to his nine national & international tours.

He was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and started channeling his passion for music at a young age, dominating the local stage. By 2006, Dario had moved to Los Angeles and was working with Arie Dixon of Tommy Boy Records. The following year, he debuted his third full-length album and has since released three other albums to great acclaim from his loyal and ever-growing fan base. He credits his unique hybrid sound to his vast music collection of artists of all genres and eras, where he finds the majority of his inspiration.

Dario’s album “Revolution” debuted at No. 1 digitally on Amazon the week it was released in 2015. Several of the tracks from that album, including “Save You,” topped charts in the U.S., including Billboard’s Top 40 Dance Chart. In 2017, he released “Point of No Return,” which landed at No. 3 on the Independent Albums Chart in the first week, and remained there for three more. The first single “Good Morning World” instantly skyrocketed to more than 200,000 views, and the follow-up title track made the 60th annual Grammy’s ballot.

His 10th studio release, "Ascension" with Kevin Anyaeji (Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue) and Shane Facchinello of Hush Money Records, is his most personal album to date. The first single "Shoulda Stayed" was released in early February, and currently impacting radio.